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Wi-Tek's Smart IoT Box is an all-weather outdoor electrical equipment protection box designed for outdoor use in the outdoor environment. It has waterproof, dustproof, heat dissipation, anti-ultraviolet, anti-theft, anti-rust, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-electromagnetic interference (anti-lightning EMP), modular structure design in the box, electrical equipment can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the situation. Work with Wi-Tek Industrial Switch,4G Cat6 LTE CPE, Solar UPS PoE Switch, Industrial IoT M2M Gateway, and Mesh AP can fit your CCTV/WLAN Wi-Fi Coverage/Industrial IoT Application requirements. Flexible modular installation can decrease your project deployment cost.

The 4G device is capable to connect to cell towers in extremely rural locations, giving you the ability to provide last-mile internet access.

The Wi-Tek wireless transmitters allow the administrator to flexibly install your cameras or access points in remote areas, providing internet service to rural residents without worrying about the distance.


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